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Professional Foundation Repair in Houston, TX

At Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc., we’re dedicated to providing Houston, TX homes with top-of-the-line foundation repair services. We’ve honed our process down to a science over the years. When it comes to your home, you want the best care, but you also want it to be affordable. That’s where we come in. After conducting an in-depth foundation inspection and providing you with a repair estimate, we can get to work around your schedule. Over the next two to three days, we’ll fix your foundation issues and prevent them from becoming more severe or occurring in the future. You won’t have to deal with sticking doors and windows, uneven floors, bowed walls, or water damage anymore. Learn more about our process and how our foundation repair services can benefit you.

Access Holes

Step 1: Access Holes

First, access holes are dug around the areas where the foundation needs to be leveled. We’ll form a perimeter beam on the outer edge of the foundation. These secure the ground and foundation, preventing a cave-in from occurring. From there, we dig tunnels under your home. We run under the slab to gain access to each beam. We’ll also lift air conditioning pads as preparation.

Perma Pile Driving

Step 2: Perma-Pile® Driving

Each piling is hydraulically driven down into the ground one segment at a time. This system uses precast concrete cylinders to eliminate the need for mixing and pouring concrete at your house. It also secures a more stable foundation. It’s clean, effective, durable, and permanent. We’re able to complete this repair in two to three days, making it the best option when you need a fast and reliable foundation repair.

Earth Refusal

Step 3: Earth Refusal

Each pile cylinder is pushed through various layers of earth until it hits an absolute refusal. We make sure each pile cylinder is as secure as possible to make sure your foundation repair will be permanent. Absolute refusal means that the ground is fully supporting the pile cylinder, guaranteeing a sturdy fit.

Foundation Repaired

Step 4: Foundation Repaired

A pile cap is added, and the floor is hydraulically lifted away from the pile cap. Permanent blocks are then added and shimmed with steel shims. This final step actually adjusts the foundation, shifting cracks into place, and adjusting the level of your home. From there, you’re free to enjoy your newly-repaired foundation. The soil will take a moment to adjust, but that’s why our pile cylinders are preferred as they secure your home better than concrete.

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