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Concrete Foundation Repair for Houston, TX Homes

Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc. is here to answer all of your questions about concrete foundation repair in Houston, TX.

How do I know if I have a foundation problem?

There are many sure signs that you have an issue with your foundation. You can diagnose most of the symptoms yourself before you call a professional. If you notice any of the following issues in your home, it’s time to call the experts at Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc.:

  • Cracks in walls and floors
  • Gaps between crown molding and ceiling
  • Sticking or squeaking doors and windows
  • Wallpaper wrinkles, bubbles, and creases
  • Sloped or uneven floors
  • Bowed basement walls
  • Sunken floors or foundation
  • Concrete patio pulling away from your house

How long does it take to conduct a foundation inspection?

Professional foundation inspections take about an hour and a half to complete. Throughout the process, an expert from our team will perform an unbiased inspection and interview to get the most information possible. We’ll conduct a floor elevation survey to check for correlations on damage and elevation, making sure your foundation hasn’t shifted. From there, we’ll start the visual observation phase, taking into account both interior and exterior conditions, including cracks, damage, separations, bowed or leaning walls, sticking windows and doors, and any other noticeable signs of foundation damage. We’ll also check the level of your cabinets and doors to make sure the ground hasn’t shifted. Finally, we’ll send an engineering report that will outline the type of services and our observations. This will give you a clear, detailed report for your records and an idea on how to move forward. Fortunately, we also conduct foundation repair services! From our conclusion, we’ll be able to ascertain the damage and give you a fair estimate of our recommended repairs.

Can a plumbing leak affect my foundation?

Yes, absolutely. Your foundation can shift due to swelling soil from leaking and bending pipes. The water from the pipes then begins to erode the soil under and around your house, causing your foundation to shift, crack, and move. It’s just as vital to have your plumbing checked as your foundation to ensure the structural integrity of your home.

How long will my foundation repairs take?

The average foundation repair project takes about two to three days, depending on the severity of the repair. At Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc., we work quickly and efficiently to evaluate and repair your house’s foundation, so you can get back to enjoying your life.

How Much Do You Charge for an Estimate?

Because we value our community and believe everyone deserves to live in a stable, safe home without the risk of foundation erosion, we provide free estimates on all our foundation repair services.