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Get to the Source of Your Foundation Problem

Tunneling Services in Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas.¬†When you’re dealing with foundation issues or plumbing issues at your home, the biggest hurdle is gaining access to the area that requires repairs. Hy-Tech Foundation Repair can tunnel under your house to provide access for repairs of all types.

Skills to Provide Safe and Secure Tunneling Services

We have the skills and equipment needed to provide safe and secure tunneling services. It may be necessary to get under a concrete slab for:

  • Plumbing repairs
  • Foundation repairs
  • Foundation inspections

Learn more about how we can tunnel under a house in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas by contacting Hy-Tech Foundation Repair today.

Tunneling Process

During the tunneling process, we will dig an access pit with secured walls. This gives us an area to work in while we tunnel. Once the tunnel is dug the area is now accessible to make any necessary repairs. Once repairs are completed, we backfill the tunnel and clean the work area up.

Call 713-686-1733 today to schedule a tunneling service in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

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