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Contact Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc. for Foundation Repair

Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc. wants you to understand how critical your foundation is to your home. It works to hold your home upright and stable. Unfortunately, various factors can ruin a foundation. Water damage, rainwater, soil compaction, and more, all conspire to destroy the stability your foundation works to achieve. When you need a pier and beam foundation in Houston, TX, you can trust the experts at Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc. Pier and beam foundation construction is an alternative to concrete slab techniques. While many homes in Houston use the latter, we’re skilled at repairing pier and beam foundations as well.

How Pier and Beam Construction Works

We work on both concrete slab and pier and beam foundations. Each uses different methods to achieve the same goal – securing your home. We believe homeowners must understand how pier and beam foundations are different than concrete slab construction. As the name suggests, pier and beam foundation construction uses a series of piers and beams to hold the house upright. Contractors drive the piers deep into the earth, resting them on stones. Pier and beam construction is beneficial in flood-prone areas because moisture will not cause the soil to shift your home. If you do require foundation repair, we aim to level your structure within normal variances. We do that by offering block system replacements, repairs, and beam and joist replacements. We follow these straightforward processes to repair your foundation:

  • We examine the foundation with computerized technology to gauge the seriousness of the issue
  • We prepare for the job by digging holes and tunnels
  • Our team lifts and levels the foundation
  • We repair any landscaping damaged caused by the foundation repair

The Signs of Foundation Damage

Understanding when to call Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc. is an important skill to sharpen. As homeowners, we feel it is critical to have a basic understanding of how your foundation works and how to spot potential problems. You don’t have to invest a ton of time looking for foundation damage. Many of the signs are apparent and can be found through either a cursory inspection or throughout daily life. Keep an eye out for:

  • Sticking doors and windows: You might only need to replace your windows or doors. However, some sticky door and window issues are the result of foundation damage. If you’re frustrated with a pesky door, then look around at the rest of the property for the following signs. If you notice several, contact Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc.
  • Cracks: Are there cracks on the walls and ceilings in your home? How about outside, near the ground? Both are a clear indicator of foundation damage. One great way to stay on top of at-home inspections is to look at the brick or cement foundation as you mow the grass or perform yard work.
  • Gaps between the crown molding and ceiling: The crown molding is the wood portion between your walls and ceilings. There shouldn’t be any gaps between them. Although poor workmanship could be the culprit, a slowly shifting home is also a possibility. Occasionally, tilt your head up and take a quick look at the molding and ceiling.
  • Gaps between the caulking in your windows and doors: Again, gaps between the caulking in your windows and doors could be caused by poor workmanship or installation. However, a shifting or settling foundation will cause this issue, so it is worth reaching out to our specialists for an evaluation.
  • Sunken floors and sinking foundations: Is one side of your home lower than the other? What about the floors? Are they sinking in the middle? Sunken floors and changes in the eye-level of your foundation is a visible sign there is a problem.
  • Your patio is pulling away from the house: As foundation shifts, it can pull away from an added-on patio. One of the reasons is your patio is not built on the foundation. Instead, it is merely attached to the house.
  • Wallpaper creases or wrinkles: If you’ve noticed a few of these symptoms, including wallpaper creases and wrinkles, then it’s time to contact Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc. On its own, a creased wallpaper could innocuous. However, if it accompanies other signs, then there’s an issue.
  • Bowed basement walls: Your basement is ground-zero for foundation damage. For instance, easily-flooded basements threaten your foundation. Because the basement is so close to the foundation and the ground underneath, severe foundation damage can cause your basement walls to bow, or curve.

Call Now for Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

If your pier and beam foundation is damaged, then you should not wait to contact Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc. Foundations are far too essential to ignore. Waiting can cause permanent damage that will prevent you from selling your home. It can even endanger those in your home. Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc. has the technology and experience to repair the damage promptly. Contact us today to get started.

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