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Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc. Can Repair Your Foundation

Your home’s foundation is crucial to its overall stability and livability. It prevents the structure from sinking into the ground underneath and provides a barrier from floodwaters. However, it is vulnerable to a vast array of deteriorating factors. It’s common for homes to need concrete foundation repair given Houston, TX’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes and tropical storms, like Harvey, dump overwhelming amounts of rain on the area. Even moderate storm systems present risks. That’s where Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc. comes in. Our team delivers outstanding customer service and experienced workmanship. If you are experiencing difficulties, call us now.

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Ten Signs Your Foundation Needs Repairs

At the root, foundation damage occurs due to changes in the soil underneath a building. Whether due to water, improper soil compaction during construction, or even tree roots, when the ground expands, it erodes the foundation. Fortunately, foundation damage isn’t hard to spot, and we want to encourage homeowners to get into the habit of checking their homes. Some of the common signs of foundation damage include:

  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Cracks on the walls and exterior
  • Gaps between the crown molding and ceiling
  • Gaps between the caulking in your windows and doors
  • Sunken floors and sinking foundations
  • Your patio is pulling away from the house
  • Wallpaper creases or wrinkles
  • Nails pulling away from the wall
  • Sloped floors
  • Bowed basement walls

How Concrete Slab Foundation Repair Works

Foundation repair is a complicated job best left to the professionals. We have years of experience providing concrete foundation repair to our clients. We’ve honed our process over the years, meaning we can provide more efficient concrete slab repairs to our customers. If you need foundation repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. The situation won’t get better on its own. We use our Perma-Pile system to level the slab, ensuring ultimate accuracy. Foundation repair occurs in several steps:

  • Diagnosis: We use state-of-the-art technology to take electronic readings of the slab underneath your home. While we use visual inspection techniques, utilizing the technology available to us enables us to gain a precise, big-picture view of your foundation. We can tell if it is level or out of alignment down to one-tenth of an inch!
  • Preparation: We perform a series of steps before proceeding. We dig holes around the foundation and place pilings under the house. These are columns that push into the ground and put your home on a sound foundation.
  • Dig: Next, we might have to dig tunnels under the foundation slab. We do this to gain access to all the interior foundation beams. The digging process can be noisy. We advise our customers to find somewhere to go during the process, but you may stay if you wish.
  • Lift: Once we dig the holes and tunnels, we’re ready to lift your foundation. Lifting the foundation isn’t as complicated as it sounds. We use piers to raise the slab from the round and level it. During this step, we’ll need to live your air conditioner pads. We’re careful to disconnect and reconnect all the components safely.
  • Landscaping: Repairing your foundation might cause damage to the landscaping around your home. However, we include landscaping repair in our services. We’ll make sure to patch up all the holes and tunnels we dig. By the time we leave, your garden and lawn will look like new again.

The Benefits of Foundation Repair

There are many benefits to acting quickly and repairing your foundation. The most important of which is stability. Shifting and settling foundations can permanently ruin your house if left unaddressed. If you ever hope to obtain a reasonable sale price on your home, then repairing the foundation is an absolute must. Also, foundation repair can help protect against flooding. As a homeowner, doing what you can to protect the integrity of your home should be paramount. Foundation repair does all that and more.

Contact Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc. Today

Our concrete foundation repair services are clean, effective, fast, and, most importantly, permanent. We don’t want you to experience more problems down the road. We understand how inconvenient foundation damage is. It is not only an extra cost, it is one you weren’t anticipating. Fortunately, Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc. offers competitive rates. If you suspect you have foundation damage, contact us immediately. We have what it takes to restore your home.

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