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Bring Balance to Your Home with Foundation Repair

Hy-Tech Foundations offers three specific foundation repair services to Houston, TX and the surrounding neighborhoods. Over the 30 years, we’ve been in business, we have developed effective techniques using state-of-the-art equipment to restore and secure your home or business’s foundation. Browse our types of repair services and see if your foundation issue falls into one of these categories. Not sure if your foundation is actually in trouble? Give us a call. We’ll send out an expert to evaluate your foundation and assess if it needs our services.

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Concrete Foundation Repair

Cracks in your walls and floors, specifically around doors and windows, can mean trouble for your foundation. It’s important to assess these issues before they become worse. No matter how much your foundation has shifted over the years, our team can evaluate and fix your home or business. We utilize our Perma-Pile system to level your concrete slab and adjust your home back to perfection. The process usually takes two to five days to permanently fix your foundation.

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Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

If your home was built on blocks, you may notice uneven floors causing problems or annoyance in your home. We use block system replacements to adjust and align your foundation. If your home is older, the beams it sits on can rot and suffer, causing your foundation to shift and sag. We replace these with steel shims to create a long-lasting solution. Beam and joist replacements are other aspects of this type of foundation repair. We’re experts in all styles, and we’ll get your home sitting right.

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Tunneling Services

Sometimes, your home requires a little bit more effort to fix the foundation problem. Thankfully for you, Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc. has years of tunneling experience to gain access under your home to permanently repair your foundation. Additionally, if your home needs hard-to-access plumbing repairs, we can also conduct the tunneling service for you. After our work is complete, we carefully fill the tunnel in, allowing your home to rest perfectly on your newly-repaired foundation.

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